Ladies Like Us: The Rise of Neighborhood Watch (Ep. 2-N.W.A)

The N.W.A is here! With the success of their last act of vigilantism, Hayden and friends decide to take the Neighborhood Watch to the next level.

Created by: Kristina Cohen Kruz
Directed by: Jonny Cruz
Executive Producer: Roberto Raad
Produced by: Kristina Cohen Kruz, Jonny Cruz, Jared Safier
Written by: Danny Scharar, Jonny Cruz
Director Of Photography: Thor Wixom
First Assistant Camera: Stephen Branagan, Rex Flores
Lighting: John Nickol
Sound Mixer: John Nickol
Edited by: Jonny Cruz, Robby Storey
Assistant Director: Wes Scarpian
Hayden: Kristina Cohen Kruz
Larry: Kelly Tran
Charlotte: Stephanie Drummond
Erin: Toni Del Sorbo
Amber: Rozlyn Stanley
The Flasher: Robby Storey
NWA Girls:
Maame-Yaa Aforo, Franceli Chapman, Angie Engelbert, Katie Foster, Tess Glenn, Kendra M Hill.
Breanna Hogan, Shannon Dee Lewis, Magda Marcella, Delila Outlaw, Karla Solarte, Amanda Spinella
Featured Music:
“Occupy Compton”
Written and Performed by: Donnie Walker
Written and Performed by: The Weekend Pilots
Special Thanks: Kim Matula, Ben Goldberg, Chipotle
Blankety Blank Productions 2015
A SlapTV Production